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Phonegap or Cordova notification not working in Backbone, require and javascript.

So the situation is if the USERNAME or PASSWORD is empty it should notify( using phonegap ) but it wont work. Any ideas?

I have this code

],function($, Backbone, _, base64, Mobile, Cordova, Const, template){

if(!Const.USERNAME || !Const.PASSWORD)
            navigator.notification.alert("Invalid Username/Password!");

            var auth = EncodeAuth(Const.USERNAME,Const.PASSWORD);

            var sendAuthorization = function (xhr) {
              xhr.setRequestHeader('Authorization', auth)

  , {
                beforeSend : sendAuthorization,
                success: function(model,result){
                    if(result.ErrorMessage === null)
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Solved my problem. I used the wrong version of cordova or phonegap. I'm using the android version since i'm also checking it on windows.

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