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I need to get the date and time from a user and add it to the current date and time.

e.g. if current date is February 1st and time is 12:00pm, and the user input specifies 31 days and 2 hours - the output should be March 3rd, 02:00pm.

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Calendar is not part of GWT JRE emulation. You can refer older posts which have answer for your question. Here is the link

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This is my DateTimeUtil, you can use it.

public class DateTimeUtil {
    public static String getYear(Date date) {
        return DateTimeFormat.getFormat("yyyy").format(date);
    public static String getMonth(Date date) {
        return DateTimeFormat.getFormat("MM").format(date);
    public static String getDay(Date date) {
        return DateTimeFormat.getFormat("dd").format(date);
    public static String getHour(Date date) {
        return DateTimeFormat.getFormat("HH").format(date);
    public static String getMinute(Date date) {
        return DateTimeFormat.getFormat("mm").format(date);
    public static String getSecond(Date date) {
        return DateTimeFormat.getFormat("ss").format(date);

    // The String year must to have yyyy format

    public static Date getDate(String years, String months, String days, String hours, String minutes, String seconds) {
        DateTimeFormat dtf = DateTimeFormat.getFormat("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss");
        Date date = dtf.parse(years + "-" + months + "-" + days + " " + hours + ":" + minutes + ":" + seconds);
        GWT.log("date parsed " + date);
        return date;
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