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Can anyone suggest good diagrams/modeling techniques for business process modeling? I was thinking about using activity diagram but the process includes quite a lot of forks and secondly, activity digram may be somewhat difficult to understand to non-technical users.

Sequence diagram is rather similar but what other tools are there? DFD?

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For me UML activity or BPMN modelling would be the best way. Sequence diagram is more appropriate for sequence representation not flow specially with a lot of forks.

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Agreed. I personally find activity diags cleaner than BPMN but that's personal choice. They're semantically very similar just notationally a bit different. As for forks: ADs handle forks & joins nicely so I wouldn't be concerned there. (Probably the opposite - ADs provide a nice & intuitive way to show fork & join behaviour). Finally notation: I've never had any issues using ADs with non-technical users. People grok them intuitively pretty much without exception. Readability depends more on what you write in the symbols than the symbols themselves. –  sfinnie Apr 12 '12 at 11:48
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There are also the Eriksson-Penker UML extensions. Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems supports these as well as BPMN; I don't know what sort of support other tools provide.

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