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I have this problem.

So I have a bunch of data that must be visualized on a canvas (say more than 5000 items). So I draw them as a bunch of vertical rectangles over a horizontal line, some thing like this:


Now, because the canvas is small, I only draw a different amount of rectangles at different zoom level. So if I zoom in more, the line get longer, and more rectangles I can see.

Problem is every time I zoom in, I have to clear the whole canvas, and redaw everything with the new zoom scale. And it is really suck, the drawing is slow and scaling not really nice.

So I wondering is there a way I can achieve a faster drawing, and good zooming (like those vector graph, you can zoom in unlimited)??

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Have you tried ScaleTransform Class?

    <ScaleTransform ScaleX="2" ScaleY="2" />

See How to: Scale an Element too. For performance reasons:

  • Freeze your Freezables.

  • Update Rather than Replace a RenderTransform

    You may be able to update a Transform rather than replacing it as the value of a RenderTransform property. This is particularly true in scenarios that involve animation. By updating an existing Transform, you avoid initiating an unnecessary layout calculation.

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Have you looked at the ZoomableCanvas? I haven't used it, but it looks like it's designed to do exactly what you want.

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