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In grabbing content from web pages (within p tags) occasionally between human text I see long blobs of stuff like:

ªjßûÞà&fnof;^_^\,_>xî¹Ág?;´Â¼ú8&#x17E;^S^R +^R ^A^R ^A^R ^A^R ^A&rsaquo;^DÆ^Z^_&#x17D;m&rdquo;A&þÅ^R^N&OElig;^RÝmîÜaÎ^W¿¸;^Oéµk^G&Yuml;ÿü`ß}^G^G^\0¸ì²  &Yuml;b1oÞà#^_^Y&#x17D;EO9eâ?&#x17D;<ÅFw#^R     9æè^Q^AZß&ª¿lÙ`׮ݡwî^\&dagger;Â* &circ;&Scaron;«MB^BtE^B$@^B$@^B$@^B$`&ldquo;&euro;&#x17D;ýüĬY»Çª&tilde;òÅ^XrÉ&rsquo;Á;Þ1̹þúÝ&ndash;[¶^LÞ÷¾Áyç^M×o`Åõ&lsquo;G^N°ôzÊ&rdquo;¡?N^W^Ow^F&fnof;iÓ^F0>ä?azæL?Ð0wàg^V&#x17D;Z^S&rsquo;^\^Y·µê?öØ°úc¾O&scaron;?^@]&lsquo;^@  ?^@     ?^@     ?^@     Ø$0r¤&Scaron;¡òA^G^MÇ?7Þ¸Ûæ&tilde;c&dagger;»:¤\¿~ðþ÷^O^^?}p    Ã|^YÏc¬&#x17D;íS&Yuml;Ú]d¸3Ø={&OElig;!:¶C^Oõ#^Nsí^MÔ[«>Ö«^?à^C&fnof;íÛ},m=ªØì&ndash;TE^B$@^B$@^B$@^B$P4>¼æ&scaron;á^PúÓ&Yuml;Þmó?ï^Lw±&circ;EÆ?'?48ç&oelig;a^ZÃuo{÷»wÛH¾ØoØ0ÜÛ^?ÿÝ&Dagger;t êÚhfa"a«ùbܸ-T^_Óéï|çàþû&lsaquo;d¸&rsquo;ö¤^S^R +^R ^A^R ^A^R ^A^R  &dagger;        `R:ü¯ywY&trade;Q_½:ÇÕÐz8J^\þ&Dagge


  `i=æºeÙpÁ&mdash;UêsÀÂo^LÑñþ^EÞyÁK    ø+¨X²^ß-=?^@    ?^@     ?^@     ?^@     ?À¤$&euro;Ñ2^[Æ\:^õ?&rdquo;^Ud¥H&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;^DH&euro;

My only familiarity with them is when I accidently open some binary files in a text editor. These are long sequences and are polluting my sample. Are there any techniques to get rid of them?

PS: What are they? For eg, some of them are accompanied by

37 0 obj
38 0 obj
<< /Length 39 0 R /N 3 /Alternate /DeviceRGB /Filter /FlateDecode >>
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It is a PDF files. –  penartur Apr 12 '12 at 8:01
You could use a language identifier, i.e. an algorithm that is normally used to detect what language a document is written in. But I suspect this is really a problem in the crawler or HTML parser. Perhaps you'd better find out which of the (alleged) HTML documents causes this problem and what can be done about it, or how to avoid parsing the document in the first place. –  jogojapan Apr 12 '12 at 8:34
@jogojapan I added an if statement which rejects all pdf files. The only other major noise comes from inline javascript. But I'll leave that for another day. –  yayu Apr 12 '12 at 8:39
@penartur thanks. –  yayu Apr 12 '12 at 8:39

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