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I have a website where users can submit pictures. I'd like to search Google automatically with these images to minimise the chance that the pictures are stolen from an other website. I know about the Firefox extension, but that requires me right-clicking every picture and waiting for the result to appear. I'd like to automate this.

I was looking for an API, but the Google Image Seach API ( clearly mentions it's deprecated. I've also found a Google Custom Search API, but that seems build for those that want to search their own site (which is not what I'm looking for).

I'd like to do what the Firefox extension does, ie, submit an image to the Google Image Search, and retrieve the resulting page in PHP.

Best way with an API, but if that is not available: how is the image uploaded/encoded to Google so that it can be searched? Anybody knows more about it?

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You get the all details at

Sign in using Google Account. Fill the details and you can get the api.

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This API is now deprecated. – suncannon May 21 '15 at 23:17

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