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If I have an Activity class called TestActivity in my application, is there a way to get its class by its name like in this example:

Class<?> c = getClassByName("TestActivity");
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Please select the correct answer and close the post – Code_Life Apr 12 '12 at 8:30

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use forName instead..

something like this..

Class<?> act = Class.forName("com.bla.TestActivity");
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You have to give the complete package name as well. eg: com.bla.TestActivity as argument to Class.forName – Richie Apr 12 '12 at 8:32

The Class.forName seems to have exceptions on it. This is just to expand upon the above to address this issue.

try { t = Class.forName("com.package.classname"); } catch (Exception ignored){}
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The usual way on SO to answer like this would be to edit their answer. Although since exceptions are plentiful in Java (and your code just ignores it), a comment would be enough to address it. – crazyhatfish May 29 at 11:03
@crazyhatfish - It seems as though Patrick may not have had the privileges to do anything helpful except post his own answer. – amess Aug 20 at 13:29
@amess Whoops, your right, I forget comments need rep. Thanks for correcting me. – crazyhatfish Aug 31 at 22:09

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