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Is there a way to invoke a specific Clean-Up profile (Source->Clean Up) programmatically?

I would like to invoke it on an iterable of ICompilationUnits.

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I looked at the declarations in org.eclise.jdt.ui.

The relevant command ID is and the implementation is org.eclipse.jdt.internal.ui.actions.AllCleanUpsAction. Unfortunately it is an internal action and the command does not support any parameters.

I can see three possible approaches:

  • create an AllCleanUpsAction and invoke StructuredSelection(<compilation units>[])). Problem: the action is internal so you might want to create a fragment to access it...

  • open the package navigator view. Select the proper files corresponding to the compilation units. Execute the command ID via IHandlerService.executeCommand(""). Problem: the package navigator is changed... and you might not have all compilation units in visible in the navigator.

  • set the current selection in your view to new StructuredSelection(<compilation units>[]). Then execute the command as above. Problem: I'm not sure the command is properly enabled..

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You can use RefactoringExecutionStarter.startCleanupRefactoring which takes an array of ICompilationUnits to perform the clean up on as one of its parameters. This method also allows you to specify the ICleanUps that you want to perform and allows you to skip showing the clean up wizard if you want.

Here's an example which removes unnecessary parentheses:

ICleanUp[] cleanUps = new ICleanUp[]{new ExpressionsCleanUp(){
    protected boolean isEnabled(String key){
        case CleanUpConstants.EXPRESSIONS_USE_PARENTHESES:
            return true;
            return false;
            return super.isEnabled(key);
ICompilationUnit[] icus = new ICompilationUnit[]{icu};
Shell shell = HandlerUtil.getActiveEditor(event).getSite().getShell();
try {
            icus, cleanUps, false, shell, false, ActionMessages.CleanUpAction_actionName);
} catch (InvocationTargetException e) {
    throw new AssertionError(e);
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