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I have two controller class named TEnterCorrectCodeController and TEmergencyCancelController. In Both the classes there are buttons.On the button click of both controller class i am calling another controller class name TSendEmailController.But problem is when the button click of TEnterCodecontroller is called it opens TSendEmailController through [self presentModalController] and on the click of button present in TsendEmail class i want another class to be opened .When the button of TEmergencyCancelController is clicked it opens TsendEmail through [self presentModalController] and when the button of TsendEmail is clicked it should not open other class instead it should dismiss controller.Please help me in solving this problem that how to identify that which class has called TsendEmailController and depending on that i have to check the condition .problem is that i am not using navigationcontroller i am using [self presentModalViewController animated:YES] to push view.This is my code

for (int  i=0; i< [self.navigationController viewControllers count]; i++) 
                UIViewController *aController = [[self.navigationController view viewControllers]objectAtIndex:i];
                if ([aController isKindOfClass:[TEnterCorrectCodeController class]])

                    lblAttempt.hidden = YES;
                    [self saveregisteridinplist];
                    TInstructionsController  *instructions = [[TInstructionsController alloc]init];
                    [self presentModalViewController:instructions animated:YES];
                    [instructions release];

                else if ([aController isKindOfClass:[TEmergencyCancelController class]])
                    lblAttempt.hidden = YES;
                    [self saveregisteridinplist];
                    [self dismissModalViewControllerAnimated:YES];


In my code that i have written it does not get into for loop because i am not using navigationController.So how to solve this problem.

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if you're not using a navigation controller, why are you trying to iterate through a navigation controller's view controllers? also, why can't you just set a boolean property in your TSendEmailController when you present it, which you check when the button is pushed? –  samson Apr 12 '12 at 8:45
If your controller is not navigation controller, then u cant lopp like this. you should either set a tag for the controllers and check in the button click. –  mChopsey Apr 12 '12 at 8:45
@samson please can u help me how to check bool value –  Rani Apr 12 '12 at 8:56
Do it as goti suggests below, but with a bool. If it's a property, you should be able to check it from anywhere... –  samson Apr 12 '12 at 15:50

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For your solution of identifying which class has called TsendEmail, define one NSIntegerin AppDelegate. For ex. NSInteger flag=0;...@property and @synthesize it..... Now, when you call TSendEmailfrom TEnterCorrectCodeController, then set flagto 1......and in viewDidLoad of viewWillAppearmethod, set flag to 0.... Now, when you are in TEmergencyCancelControllerclass, check whether flag is 0 or 1...if 0 then dissmiss your view.....

You may use this concept....:)

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