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I just started developing for BlackBerry PlayBook with Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Builder 4.6

For learning, I started to follow the Tutorial from BlackBerry and I copied the code exactly as it is. And when I run the application, it shows the icon in the PlayBook simulator. But as soon as I click it, the BlackBerry logo is shown in middle of a black box for about 1 second and it dissapears. (i.e. the app exits as soon as its launched).

Any idea why this is? Please note that I'm completely new to Adobe products and PlayBook development.

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Try clicking "Debug" button in the Flash Builder and watch the output in console closely

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When I press the debug button, Flash Builder shows a progress bar filling very slowly (its fast when "running" normally). Then it displays an error message The Flash Builder debugger failed to connect to the running application. Ensure that:..... and shows some advice that I have already done. Please help! – Roshnal Apr 13 '12 at 14:34
Have you installed a debug token? bdsc.webapps.blackberry.com/air/documentation/ww_air_testing/… – Alexander Farber Apr 13 '12 at 23:43

If you already have a debug token on the PlayBook, make sure it didn't expire.

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