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I have a file called "config.json" which have

    "book": {
        "config": {
            "uuid": "81393fe88f7c4e5a98070905790b39e1",
            "type": "fullscreen",
            "size": "1024,768"

then I use $.ajax to read this file,

        success:function(data, textStatus){

but the data return is string format like:

"{\n "book": {\n ... }\n }\n }\n}"

then I want parse the data into json,but all the parse function couldn't work,

var obj=$.parseJSON(data);

but the result is "null"

then I want use "jquery.json-2.3.js"


but the result is data.toJSON is not a function

How can I solve this problem?parse the string to json

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what about data.replace("\n", ""); and then use toJSON ? – riso Apr 12 '12 at 9:36
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jQuery automatically parses the response if you specify the dataType so calling

var obj=$.parseJSON(data);

returns an error

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jQuery automatically evaluates the JSON to an object if dataType: 'json' (assuming it's a valid JSON format, which your data above is). So re-evaluating an object to object again doesn't make any sense.

If you want JSON string from the server, just set dataType to html

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Can you try with JSON.parse(data)?

Also getting rid of the \n by doing a replace with an empty string will help I think.

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