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I have a programmatically created HTML document on which I would like to show some XML-code, fully formatted with line breaks and tabulators. That is, it should look like if you drag an xml file without a xml-stylesheet directly onto your browser (most browsers do some kind of xml-rendering with some default style sheet).

Now, I can of course escape all the characters (like <>, tab and newline) and do the indenting myself (using css styles, for example), but I was wondering whether I couldn't re-use some 'default' xml-stylesheet from somewhere. Preferrably also one that has some javascript node-folding, too.

Do you know such a stylesheet/xslt? Or would you suggest another way to achieve this?

I'm using C#.

PS: I tried to use the XmlNotepad.DefaultSS.xslt from Microsoft's XmlNotepad, but I couldn't really get that working. :T

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Why not use a SyntaxHighlighter .. like this one - it has an XML brush - example of XML here

All you need to do is wrap your XML in <pre> tags and the rest is done for you - indentation, line numbers etc...

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looks good, just checking if I can get it working. :) – Efrain Apr 12 '12 at 9:51
Hmm.. true, actually, the <pre> tag was pretty much what I needed. On the other hand, a pretty print XSLT would be nice, since now I have to reformat the XML code correctly before embedding it into the HTML. And I fear that I'm going to be asked to provide code folding too.. :S – Efrain Apr 12 '12 at 11:15

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