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I am trying to perform a query on a table where there is a date field and I want to query over a range of values The where clause looks like the following:

[db executeQuery:@"select * from test where myDate BETWEEN date('now','-7 days') and date('now')"];

But it doesn't seem to work :(

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If you used DATETIME column with table declaration, you can do this:

[db executeQuery:@"SELECT * FROM test WHERE myDate BETWEEN ? and ?", [[NSDate dateWithTimeInterval:-86400*7 sinceDate:[NSDate date]], [NSDate date]];

Note that -86400 is seconds of a day, negative indicates "days before" like your question.

Also note that BETWEEN syntax includes the very second of the date you set. Use WHERE myDate > ? and myDate < ? if you need non-inclusive match.

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