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I have a very very large network capture file that contains a particular integer field.

RECORD 1 : value 987 RECORD 2 : value 878 RECORD 3 : value 823 .. .. .. .. ..

I want to scan over the network file and find 5 most popular values for that integer field.The traditional linear algorithm approach requires me to save all the unique integer field values and the frequency of occurrence of the field values.I am contemplation using map-reduce algorithm to solve this problem.

My map() function will extract the integer values and store it in an array.

A = [987, 878, 823 ......].Map(x => x,freq(x))

My reduce() function will

freq5 = A.reduce( 0, (x > y) ? x : y) or something similar to find out the top 5 most frequent values.

Does this approach makes sense.What impact will it have on the execution time of the program.?

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