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Can anyone tell me how to implement PayPal's Delayed Chained Payments in android app. I am using last version sdk for android PayPal_MPL_1.5.5.44_Android-Developer-Package. I did not found any mentions to the Delayed Payments in this sdk. Regarding the Adaptive Payment documentation we should specify actionType="PAY_PRIMARY" for this purpose. But I did not found such ability.

I have already implemented chained payment in the app, but currently money sending immediately from the primary recipient to the secondary recipient w/o any delay.

Is it possible to implement such feature using sdk for android?

Will be grateful for any help.

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Got answer from support.

No, it is not possible to submit a delayed chained payment using the Android SDK package because there is no method that allows you to do it. The confirmation comes in the form of there not being any method in the SDK to set the payment type to "PAY_PRIMARY", and also no method to execute the second leg of a chain

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