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Lets imagine the following structure:

ActivityA ---->  contains TabHostA, Button1

TabHostA  ---->  in one of its tabs holds the ActivityB that contains TextView1

The TabHost is filled with an intent:

TabSpec tab = mTabHost.newTabSpec("tab1").setIndicator("tab1")
        .setContent(new Intent(this, ActivityB.class));

And I want when the Button1 is pressed the TextView1 is changed. How can I access to TextView1 from ActivityA or communicate ActivityB and ActivityA for doing this change?

Please do no try to change the "tab-model" because it comes from a more complex problem (if interested search MapViews inside fragments) and thats the unique way it work

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Maybe like that?

((TabActivity) getParent()).getTabHost()

Then you can edit the TextView of the given tab.

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You can use BroadCastReciever and when the Button is pressed, broadcast it from ActivityA, then in ActivityB which have registered itself as BroadCastReciever will receive the BroadCast and change the contents of TextView

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