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Is there any way I can ask the CloudFront API for the name of the bucket it uses on Amazon S3?

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This is possible via the GET Distribution action:

To get the information about a distribution, you do a GET on the 2012-03-15/distribution/ resource.

Have a look at the sample syntax in the Responses section, which specifically includes fragments for either S3Origin or CustomOrigin, e.g. abbreviated:

<Distribution xmlns="http://cloudfront.amazonaws.com/doc/2012-03-15/">
   <!-- ... -->
      <!-- ... -->

Please note that The S3Origin element is returned only if you use an Amazon S3 origin for your distribution, whereas The CustomOrigin element is returned only if you use a custom origin for your distribution. Furthermore, for more information about the CustomOrigin element and the S3Origin element, see DistributionConfig Complex Type.

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