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Can someone tell me whether the jquery themes can be applied to richfaces components. To be specific I am now using dataTable and dataScoller components of Richfaces. I was able to add ui-widget-header to the column header but but was not able to add other theme class such as ui-corner-all to the dataTable. I even with the help of a js file successfully added ui-button themes for the dataScroller buttons. But when the dataTable get rendered with the click of the dataScoller the basic blue color theme gets applied.

Can somebody tell whether I can apply the themes of jQuery to the above components and other components of richfaces.

Note :: I have already used rich:jquery but it is not yelding any result.

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Just FYI, PrimeFaces natively supports jQuery UI themeroller. –  BalusC Apr 12 '12 at 18:35

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