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I used the code found at Redirecting Wordpress's Login/Register page to a custom login/registration page - to do as the post title says...

However, now when a user lands on my custom login page but have forgotten their password I can't include a 'recover your password' link...

I can see that it's because "wp-login.php?action=lostpassword" begins with "wp-login.php" so the Forgot Password link is just being redirected to the custom login page... but don't know what to do about it...

Can anyone suggest a way to do it please? Or an alternative method?

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hi use this instead rather then what you have got in previous answer .

1-drop this in your function file of your teme

add_filter('site_url',  'wplogin_filter', 10, 3);
function wplogin_filter( $url, $path, $orig_scheme )
$old  = array( "/(wp-login\.php)/");
$new  = array( "account/"); //this can be change to login or whatever or may remain there
return preg_replace( $old, $new, $url, 1);

2- Redirect with .htaccess :add a new rule just after RewriteBase / in your .htaccess pust this ----> RewriteRule ^account$ wp-login.php

NB :please notice that account term is in your function snippet and also in your .htaccess and will apear in your permalink instead of wp-login.php. so your url will appear like so with the codes above for register/lgin/lostpassword actions : register login lostpassword

hope it helps and sorry for my english i am better at french ;)

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