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I want to define a function as stored procedure in MySQL.

I tried a procedure as follows:

CREATE PROCEDURE getGroupUsers(IN groupId int) return curser

 Declare services_curs cursor for SELECT `service_id`,`service_name`,`service_type_value`,`service_label`,`parent`,`service_group` from services;

open services_curs;

return services_curs;

END //


but an error occurs:

#1313 - RETURN is only allowed in a FUNCTION

I know that this is a terrible syntax error. What is the correct syntax?

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Have you considered using a function? Functions return things as the error suggests. –  Ben Apr 12 '12 at 11:13

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On procedures you can use OUT variables, which get filled and are available outside the procedure. As said above, a MySQL procedure does not return a value. You'll need a stored function achieve that.

A little example on how to use an OUT variable can be found in the documentation.

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Use select in procedure for returing value otherwise use function which returns values.

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