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I can update my repository to a version by

svn update -r1234

But how can i revert back my local copies to a previous version? For instance revision numbers are like this:

1234 - 12 april 2012 - Some update message
1158 - 8 april 2012 - Some more update message
1120 - 4 april 2012 - Old changes 
  • How can i checkout to the one earlier version by command line?
  • How can i checkout to the 4 days earlier revision by command line?

As well we can use "svn log" command and write a parser in Python etc. to fetch the revision number. But we want to them from the bat file. Is there an easy way to find the revision number ? (Note: we also use tortoise svn)

Thank you

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Getting the revision before the current revision (HEAD generally) can be done by using: svn up -r PREV

Getting 2 revisons before the current one, just call 'svn up -r PREV' twice.

Getting the revision 4 days earlier can be done by using: svn up -r {2012-04-08}

I do not know how to get the revision 4 days before now. I'm not sure that's possible without some programming.

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That's awesome. Thank you very much. –  trante Apr 12 '12 at 16:12

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