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Its my first time to use web service in iOS. REST was my first choice and I use code igniter to form it.

I have my Controller:

require APPPATH.'/libraries/REST_Controller.php';

class Sample extends REST_Controller

    function example_get()

        $users_array = array();
        $users = $this->users->get_all_users();

        foreach($users as $user){
            $new_array = array( 
                                'id'=>$user->id , 
            array_push( $users_array, $new_array);

        $data['users'] = $users_array;      
            $this->response($data, 200);

    function user_put()

        $message = array('message' => 'ADDED!');
        $this->response($message, 200);



, using my web browser, accessing the URL http://localhost:8888/restApi/index.php/sample/example/format/json really works fine and gives this output:


, this gives me a great output using RKRequest by RestKit in my app.

The problem goes with the put method. This URL :


always give me an error like this:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

<error>Unknown method.</error>

This is my Users model


    class Users extends CI_Model {
        function __construct()

        function get_all_users()
            $query = $this->db->get('users');
            return $query->result();

        function insertAUser(){
            $data = array('name'=> "Sample Name", 'age'=>"99");
            $this->db->insert('users', $data);

What is the work around for my _put method why am I not inserting anything? Thanks all!

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Unless you set the method to PUT or POST, your web server is not going to treat it as such. When you enter URLs in a browser bar, that is almost always a GET request. You might try to use curl like

curl -X POST -d @filename http://your.url.path/whatever

Another link would be: http://superuser.com/questions/149329/what-is-the-curl-command-line-syntax-to-do-a-post-request

So you should be able to do a PUT similarly (perhaps with no data). Not really sure if this should be iOS tagged though :)

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I'm really confused so I tagged iOS. stackoverflow.com/questions/10136971/… – ruelluna Apr 13 '12 at 8:37
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I got this problem by using Firefox plug in rest Client. I just have to indicate the headers and the body to make put and post work.

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