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This is my first question on stackoverflow, welcome everybody.

I have a table:

id   fk_user
1      1
2      1
3      3
4      2
5      3

And I would like to prepare an SQL query witch returns fk_user sorted by the number of occurrences in that table. For instance:

fk_user 1 occurs 3 times, so it will be first.
fk_user 2 occurs once, so it will be last.
fk_user 3 occurs twice, so it will be the second.

Result of that query should be:

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select fk_user from 
group by fk_user
order by count(*) desc
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@Marco. Thaks guys. It's run. I Have to little reputation to click "this answer is useful", but it is:) –  pmajcher Apr 12 '12 at 11:39
@pmajcher: but you should accept an answer if it solved your problem :) Welcome to StackOverflow –  Marco Apr 12 '12 at 11:43

Try this

SELECT fk_user FROM your_table
GROUP BY fk_user 
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