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Expression.Assign isn't available before .NET 4. I need to implementation under .NET 3.5 of this method with original signature:

public static BinaryExpression Assign(
    Expression left,
    Expression right

Clarification: I'm not looking for a way to use this method in the some case. I need to implement the general case.

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You can't. You'd need to recreate the Expression classes entirely. The reason is that the expression-tree-to-IL compiler used by expression.Compile() contains the logic to figure out the IL codes to use, and if .NET 3.5 doesn't have Expression.Assign, the compiler won't be able to recognise it. – hvd Apr 12 '12 at 11:51
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You can't get exact equivalent since there is no ExpressionType.Assign, but it's possible to make something similar:

public static class ExpressionEx
    public static BinaryExpression Assign(Expression left, Expression right)
        var assign = typeof(Assigner<>).MakeGenericType(left.Type).GetMethod("Assign");

        var assignExpr = Expression.Add(left, right, assign);

        return assignExpr;

    private static class Assigner<T>
        public static T Assign(ref T left, T right)
            return (left = right);

Then you can use it for generating assignments:

class Foo
    public int Data

class Program
    static Action<object, object> MakeSetter(PropertyInfo info)
        var objectParameter = Expression.Parameter(typeof(object), string.Empty);
        var valueParameter = Expression.Parameter(typeof(object), string.Empty);
        var setterExpression = Expression.Lambda<Action<object, object>>(
                    Expression.Convert(objectParameter, info.DeclaringType),
                Expression.Convert(valueParameter, info.PropertyType)),

        return setterExpression.Compile();

    static void Main()
        var foo = new Foo();
        var property = typeof(Foo).GetProperty("Data");

        var setter = MakeSetter(property);
        setter(foo, 10);

If you don't really need BinaryExpression as a return type you could use Expression.Call instead of Add so it would be not so hackish.

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I'm afraid you can't.

Here's the reasons:

  1. ExpressionType enumeration doesn't contain Assign member in 3.5.
  2. I tried using wrong ExpressionType and creating a binary expression using Expression.MakeBinary() with my method, but that method gets ignored. (Resulting BinaryExpression has either standard Method, or Method = null.)
  3. You can't assign Method in instance -- it's readonly and the class is sealed so you can't work around it in the derived class.

But since they've included that method argument to MakeBinary(), there still might exist some workaround... I'm not 100% sure that it's not possible.

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