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The code is simple:

var td1 = document.createElement("td");"td_radio_"+nr_int+"_"+nr_var2; = "0"; = "5%";

but the function doesn't fire when I click the cell; what am I doing wrong? I'm not using bind because later on there's gonna be a removeAttr working on it so I want it set up as an attribute.

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You are assigning a string as event handler so it can not be executed, below is more what you are after I think.

var td1 = document.createElement("td");"td_radio_"+nr_int+"_"+nr_var2; = "0"; = "5%";
td1.onclick = function() {
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This worked, thanks. I thought it should work like any other attribute, i was wrong. – Bogdan Apr 12 '12 at 12:17

Think you need this:


You have to wrap the event in a function.

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