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I´m new to Sencha Touch 2 and have some question regarding the navigation between views. What is the best way to navigate between different views? I tried using the provided NavigationView class but it doesn´t offer the whole functionality I want.

Currently I´m using a simple Ext.Container as a Viewport for my app. I declared refsfor the views and when I change to a new view in my controller I currently do it like this:

var oldView = this.getOldView();

var newView = Ext.create('MyApp.view.MyView');

But I´m not sure if this is the right approach and couldn´t find proper documenation. Currently it seems to me that the controller loses track of the refs when I manually destroy the views. So what what is the best way to navigate back and forward between views (similiar to NavigationView´s push() and pop())? Do I have to destroy the old view and add a new view? Or do I just hide the old view and add the new view?

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If you want to customize your views as free as you want, Ext.NavigationView is NOT recommended. Use basic types instead, such as: Ext.Container (recommended), Ext.Panel, and so on.

refs still works each time you destroy or add your views again, provided that your component is available.

But as a newbie, a simple approach (but not optimal for performance) I could suggest you is create all your needed components, and simply activate / deactivate them when needed.

If you want to activate a view, first, you must locate that view's parent. For eg, you have a Ext.Container which has three panels in it. Then if you want to activate second panel of that container, use setActiveItem(yourContainerRef, 1) (without animation) or animateActiveItem(yourContainerRef, 1, {type: 'slide'})

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Thanks for the clarification. –  dp1000 Apr 12 '12 at 13:23
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