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I have an object which is returned from Linq to Entity Framework and I can list its data in a RadTreeList but when I try to filter its data within RadFilter, there is no such a way to integrate the Filter's result into object which I just get from Linq to Entity.

Do you have any way to filter data in RadTreeList?

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My friend recommended me that

  1. I need to have another SqlClient DataSource, so that I can inject result of RadFilter into this DataSource and apply it to RadTreeList. But it still has another problem with RadTreeList since the Result doesn't display correctly as what I expect (some record has parentID but the record of this parentID is not found in filter, so it displays nothing).

My another solution:

  1. I allow to filter only by the name of Last child items in RadTreeList.
  2. I create a recursive stored-procedure to search all parents of the child items.
  3. Link of Recursive SQL Statement http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms175972.aspx
  4. My result will display in Hierarchical as what I want it to be.
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