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I am using cakePHP's pagination function with a different model. I have one AdminController and a number of models are added to it using the following code.

class AdminsController extends AppController {

var $uses = array('UserDetail', 'CategoryDetail', 'AlbumDetail', 'SongDetail', 'FeaturedPlaylist');
var $components = array('Attachment');

Now I am specifying the pagination configuration.

var $paginate = array(
    'SongDetail' => array('limit' => 10)

What I need is to display songs in the admin screen and I am loading the songList like :

$songList=  $this->paginate('SongDetail');

But this is not returning anything. When I added the padination elements to the view, it is showing different page counts according to the limit. What is wrong with this..?

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maybe you shouldnt abuse uses so much here. that might play into it here (could be a bug, though, as well). the same code works for me in "normal" controller/model relations. –  mark Apr 12 '12 at 13:03
This has been fixed. The reason was in my application , the primary key was different. It is searching for and mine is song_id. I specified the primary in model and then it fixed. Thanks Mark. –  Happy Coder Apr 13 '12 at 5:26

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