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The following PHP code uploads a new track to SoundCloud successfully, but the tweet is not sent.

Is there something I need to have in there as well in order to do this?

$track = $soundcloud->post('tracks',
                'track[asset_data]' => '@audio.mp3', 
                'track[title]' => "my audio",
                'track[description]' => "Updated: " . date('l jS F Y h:i:s A'),
                'track[sharing]' => 'public',
                'track[shared_to][connections][][id]' => '123',
                'track[sharing_note]' => 'Have a listen to'

Also I'd like to be able to disable comments on the audio I upload, but I wasn't sure what the parameter for that would be too?



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I'm unable the repro the sharing problem. Please note that sometimes sharing on other social networks doesn't happen right away. Are you still having trouble? Here's the code I used:


require_once 'Services/Soundcloud.php';

$client = new Services_Soundcloud("foo", "bar");

$track = $client->post('tracks', array(
    'track[title]' => 'Foooo',
    'track[asset_data]' => '@/Users/paul/audio.wav',
    'track[sharing]' => 'public',
    'track[shared_to][connections][][id]' => 'CONNECTION_ID',
    'track[sharing_note]' => 'Check it out'


Also verify that your CONNECTION_ID is correct. Some code to get a list of connections so you can verify the id:


require_once 'Services/Soundcloud.php';

$client = new Services_Soundcloud("foo", "bar");


Unfortunately there's no way currently to disable comments via the API. I'll file a bug and see about getting this fixed.

Hope that helps!

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