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When i am inserting the appointment into exchange, i got the following issue "EndDate is earlier than StartDate", could any one please help to resolve this?

Appointment appt=new Appointment();

in the last line i got the issue, but i am giving the correct start and end date, could anyone please tell me why i got this issue?

Note: if i am giving the different date in start and end date it will accept. start and end date should be same and time only difference, in this scenario only i got this issue. please help me to resolve this

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Maybe the problem is timezone. When you use Now the timezone DateTimeKind.Local which is not recomended by Working with Time Zones in Exchange 2010 Exchange Web Services. Would you try something as appt.Start = new DateTime(2010, 2, 12, 10, 0, 0, DateTimeKind.Unspecified); ?
I use Exchange2007 and your code works for me, but timezone handling is changed in 2010.

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