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Ok, so I'm trying to validate a xml against a DataSet that represents properties for my project. The schema addition is done like this:

dataSet d = new dataSet();
schema.add("", XmlReader.Create(new StringReader(d.GetXmlSchema())));

Let's say my DataSet has two Columns "path" and "version". Then if I try to validate a xml:


That will validate fine. And I don't want it to... I wan't to get an error since there is no "version" entry. So I have looked at what I get from the d.GetXmlSchema() and it looks like a xsd. And all entries contains a property: minOccurs="0"

I'm guessing that I wan't that to be ="1" but how do I set such an option to the DataSet?

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Ok so this solves the problem, but it's not a nice solution...

So what we need is "minOccurs="1" but what we have is ...="0" so we just do a replace at the string we get from the xml and tada!

dataSet d = new dataSet();
schema.add("", XmlReader.Create(new StringReader(d.GetXmlSchema().replace("minOccurs=\"0\"", "minOccurs=\"1\""))));

As I said, not that nice, if you have better suggestions please feel free to add in.

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