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I started a new rails application project with rubymine.
After that Rubymine ran a bundle install.

project did not succeed in running
on one project - with no mysql definition the error is
gemnotfound - could not find gem sqlite

on one project - with mysql definition the error is
gemnotfound - could not find gem mysql2

Does someone have an idea what are those ? shouldnt bundle install brought me those? How can I start a simple rails project using rubymine? Is there a good tutorial with all these issues ? Thanks you.

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RubyMine may not be able to install these gems automatically as they depend on native libraries that may not be available on your system. You also need DevKit installed and working in order to install native extensions.

I suggest you to read related posts:

You can also use sqlite-ruby instead, as for the above gems you need sqlite3.dll and libmysql.dll in PATH.

Google is your friend, it's not that hard to find various installation guides.

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