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In portal_workflow - tab Groups, one can specify the group to role mappings.

In the Sharing tab one can select roles for groups on a folder basis.

What takes precedence for a user, the mapping or the local role assigned on a folder in a given state of the workflow and a specific folder?

Are they additive?

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Eventually, they are the same thing. Workflows modify (during transitions) those same settings that are manually editable using the Sharing-tab. Therefore, a transition could override the settings you had made earlier.

Let's say you'd like a certain user group to have the Editor role for all objects that are in the private state of simple_publication_workflow. You'd configure the workflow to manage that group and edit group to have the Editor role in private state, but not in other states. Now, when you click Update security settings, the group gets the defined role in all private objects controlled by that workflow. If you now make manual modification through the Sharing-tab for that particular group, your modifications will be lost after the next workflow transition or Update security settings-run.

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Would this be where placeful workflow comes into the picture? And h –  Speediro Apr 13 '12 at 7:49
I think, you should try this without placeful workflow at first. Placeful workflow (policy) would allow you to override the portal-type-specific site-wide workflow bindings. Eventually, it uses the same workflows, and transitions have the same effects. I'll try to rephrase my answer... –  Asko Soukka Apr 13 '12 at 8:01
Sorry, was editing the comment when time ran out... So what do you do then if a group's permissions depend on the combination of folder and state? More specifically: given two folders (1 and 2), two groups ("A" and "B") . A can edit in folder 1 but not in folder 2. and vice versa. But there is workflow so group A can only edit in the first state within folder 1. Not possible? I would ask another question but believe it is similar to another one I asked. I'm not really familiar with all the concepts and their intricacies, I fear. –  Speediro Apr 13 '12 at 8:03
Using workflows and group management could be difficult here, because you should define a custom workflow for every group and assign that workflow for particular folder with placeful workflow policy. A more generic solution could be to define one custom workflow, where e.g. role Contributor has enough permissions to add content to the folder only when its in the first state. Then manually assign groups to have Contributor role in their respective folders. Does this sound more like what you are looking for? (A lot of options to complete this :) –  Asko Soukka Apr 13 '12 at 8:29
This is exactly the problem. The use case is described in my previous problem and a completely satisfying (low maintenance, parameter driven, single workflow) solution is yet to found :-), as you rightly hinted at. Use case . If you have more ideas, I'm willing to listen :-) –  Speediro Apr 13 '12 at 8:37

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