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In my program, I am using the CSharpCodeProvider in order to compile another application from a source file, the code i'am using is the below :

public static bool CompileExecutable(String sourceName)
    FileInfo sourceFile = new FileInfo(sourceName);
    CodeDomProvider provider = null;
    bool compileOk = false;

    // Select the code provider based on the input file extension.
    if (sourceFile.Extension.ToUpper(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture) == ".CS")
        provider = CodeDomProvider.CreateProvider("CSharp");
    else if (sourceFile.Extension.ToUpper(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture) == ".VB")
        provider = CodeDomProvider.CreateProvider("VisualBasic");
        Console.WriteLine("Source file must have a .cs or .vb extension");
    if (provider != null)
        // Format the executable file name.
        // Build the output assembly path using the current directory
        // and <source>_cs.exe or <source>_vb.exe.

        String exeName = String.Format(@"{0}\{1}.exe",
            sourceFile.Name.Replace(".", "_"));

        CompilerParameters cp = new CompilerParameters();

        // Generate an executable instead of  a class library.
        cp.GenerateExecutable = true;

        // Specify the assembly file name to generate.
        cp.OutputAssembly = exeName;

        // Save the assembly as a physical file.
        cp.GenerateInMemory = false;

        // Set whether to treat all warnings as errors.
        cp.TreatWarningsAsErrors = false;


        // Invoke compilation of the source file.
        CompilerResults cr = provider.CompileAssemblyFromFile(cp,

        if (cr.Errors.Count > 0)
            // Display compilation errors.
            Console.WriteLine("Errors building {0} into {1}",
                sourceName, cr.PathToAssembly);
            foreach (CompilerError ce in cr.Errors)
                Console.WriteLine("  {0}", ce.ToString());
            // Display a successful compilation message.
            Console.WriteLine("Source {0} built into {1} successfully.", sourceName, cr.PathToAssembly);

        // Return the results of the compilation.
        if (cr.Errors.Count > 0)
            compileOk = false;
            compileOk = true;
    return compileOk;

I put a file named (source.cs) which contain the source code of the program i want to compile, i put it in the same directory as my application, and call the function from my application


Then the source code is compiled and saved to same directory as my application.

What I'm trying to do now is to add an option which let me select a custom icon for the compiled source code, so the output executable will have the icon i chose, but i don't know how can i assign the output executable's icon before compiling it.

Any help on how can i set a custom icon for the output executable before compiling it?

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Are you willing to consider 3rd party tools, if they can be scripted? – Joshua Drake Apr 12 '12 at 14:01
What do you mean with 3rd party tools, must i use some other tools in order to achieve this ? isn't it possible to assign an icon for output executable in easy way ? – Rafik Bari Apr 12 '12 at 14:04
possible duplicate of VB 2008 - change icon of generated exe – M.Babcock Apr 12 '12 at 14:06
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To build on Brian's answer, you can set the custom icon by specifying the /win32icon compiler option:

CompilerParameters parameters = new CompilerParameters();
parameters.CompilerOptions = @"/win32icon:C:\full\path\to\icon.ico";
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Check out the /win32icon compiler option.


The /win32icon option inserts an .ico file in the output file, which gives the output file the desired appearance in the Windows Explorer.

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