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I'm currently developing a facebook application hosted on heroku and was curious to know the number of git commits I did so far.Note:I am the only one doing the project. I used the following command

git shortlog -s -n

Please find below the result, the first one is obviously me. Why does it display many unknown authors who I have never even heard of, how is that even possible ? Did anyone else see this or am I the only one having this situtaion ? Is it possible that by default all fb apps hosted on heroku have these commit figures ?

enter image description here

If at all this is a possible duplicate, kindly point me towards it.

Thank you

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I'd say you've used the Heroku Facebook application template - several of those names I recognise as Heroku workers so their history remains in the git repo.

UPDATE: Yep, check the commits of this repo https://github.com/heroku/facebook-template-php/commits/master which is probably what you're based off.

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makes total sense, thanks –  Dhiraj Bodicherla Apr 12 '12 at 15:23

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