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I have URL's like:


I'd like to extract that part in bold. The host and port can change to anything (when I publish it to a live server it will change). The controller never changes. And for the verb part, there are 2 possibilities.

Can anyone help me with the regex?


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PS: I'm using C# .NET. –  user1005796 Apr 12 '12 at 13:59

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Instead of using a regex you could use the built in functionality of Uri

Uri uri = new Uri("");

var lastSegment = uri.Segments.Last();
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@L.B It seems like he said he wanted to extract the part in bold - verbOne and verbTwo are not in bold, are they? (there are merely two possibilities of what they could be) –  Code Jockey Apr 12 '12 at 14:08

You're looking for the Uri and Path classes:

Path.GetFileName(new Uri(str).AbsolutePath)
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Why do you look for a regex? you can look for the two string elements "verbOne/" or "verbTwo/" and make a substring from the end. And then you can look for the rest and substrakt the part with the '?'

I think this is faster then a regex.


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Though everyone else here is correct that regex is not the best solution, because it could fail when parsers already exist that should never fail due to their specialization, I believe you could use the following regex:

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