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Really quick (but complicated?) question.

I have this:

<select multiple="multiple" id="id_products" class="selectmultiple" name="products">
    <option value="3243">testproductP (3243)</option>
    <option value="3244">testproductQ (3244)</option>

I need to robotframework with selenium to replicate that I select an option. However I can not find a keyword like "Select Option". So I tried using "Click Element" with an xpath pointing to the option.

Click Element  xpath=//select[@name="products"]/option[@value=3244]

However this fails the test with the error: "timeout: timed out"

The xpath returns the correct element, but somehow it times out. Maybe Click Element is not supposed to be used like this, but I can't find a better keyword.

Any idea what's going on?

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Click Element waits for a page load event unless you give it an additional parameter telling it not to wait. However, you should also be able to use the "Select From List" keyword.

Have fun!

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Here's an example: Select From List xpath=//select[@name="products"] 3244 (double spaces seem to get eliminated by stack overflow) –  Rob Apr 12 '12 at 14:05
Select From List appears to work, However now I am getting the same error when I need to click on a <span> element. I've tried using the don't wait argument but that didnt seem to help here, i should probably create a new question for this. –  Kevin de Boer Apr 13 '12 at 8:01

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