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I have a JSF page.

<div id="SaarcImage">

    <h:panelGrid id="saarcImagesTable" columns="4" style="position: relative; top: 50px;"
                 columnClasses="nameColumn" >

        <span class="asterisk">*</span><span class="labels"> #{label.saarcCountryMap}: </span>
        <p:fileUpload id="cityMap" widgetVar="uploader" description="Image"
                      update="countryMap" allowTypes="*.jpg;*.png;*.gif;*.jpeg;"
                      auto="true" fileUploadListener="#{countryPages_Detail.imageUpload}">


       <p:graphicImage id="countryMap" value="#{countryPages_Detail.imagePath}"
                       width="80" height="50" cache="false">

          <f:event type="preRenderComponent" listener="#{countryPages_Detail.putImage}" />


       <h:commandLink id="removeCountryMap" value="remove" title="Remove Picture"
                      style="color: #0d5b7f;text-decoration: underline;"
                      onclick="if (! confirm('Are you sure, you want to remove picture?') ) { return false;}; return true; ">

          <f:ajax event="click" render="countryMap"


      ........   //7 more images


Similarly i have 7 more images on the page. Before every image get render i call preRenderComponent event. Here is how i handle remove link

public class CountryPages_Detail {

    private int x = 0;
    private boolean remove;

    public void removeImage() {
        remove = true;      
    } //end of removeImage()

    public void putImage(ComponentSystemEvent event) {
        GraphicImage image1 = (GraphicImage)event.getComponent();
        String imageId = image1.getClientId();

        // Check to ensure that x doesn't greater than the number of images
        if (x > 7) {
            x = 0;
        } //end of if (x > 4)

        if (remove || uploadImage) {

            if (imageId.contains("countryMap")) {
                x = 0;
            } else if (imageId.contains("Image1")) {
             x = 1;
        ArrayList imagesNames = (ArrayList)session.getAttribute("countryDetailImageNames");

        for(; x<imagesNames.size(); x++) {
            String fileName = imagesNames.get(x).toString();
            if (fileName.contains(imageId)) {
                if (remove) {
                    imagePath = "";
                    imagePath = "/resources/images/no-preview.jpg";
                    imageNames.set(x, "no-preview.jpg"); //also remove from list
                    remove = false;
            } else if (fileName.contains("no-preview")) {
                 imagePath = "";
                 imagePath = "/resources/images/no-preview.jpg";
        } //end of for()
    } //end of putImage()
} //end of class CountryPages_Detail

If there is no image present then the default image is no-preview.jpg. If user upload the image, then my putImage() get call or if user click on the remove link then the image set to no-preview.jpg and putImage() get call. Now i want that if my image path of any image is /resources/images/no-preview.jpg then the remove link beside that image should not be appear. What is happening right now is that no matter i have no-preview.jpg or other image my remove link is appearing. I want remove link is only appear if i have an image other than the no-preview.jpg. How can i do it? I made a script that check whether the image Scr attribute conatins the no-preview.jpg, if yes then it hides all the remove links. Here it is

var saarcImages = $("#SaarcImage #saarcImagesTable tr").each(function(index){

    var $tr = $(this);
    var $image = $tr.find("img");

    if ($image.length != 0) {   //Image exist

        var imageSource = $image.attr("src");       
        var contains = imageSource.indexOf("no-preview.jpg") >= 0; // true

        if (contains) {
        } else {
}); //end of .each()

But this script only runs when page loads. As i am updating images using ajax, so if i upload any image then the script don't run and my remove link doesn't appear again. How can i do it then if i have image no-preview.jpg then the remove link do not appear.


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IMO it's not very efficient to browse through all images everytime your js function get called. I would make a js function with parameter: e.g. afterUpload(imageID) which will get called in oncomplete of p:fileUpload. In this funct you can check if uploaded image with imageID has no-preview.jpg source and render the commandLink or not. Then I would change <f:ajax event="click" render="countr... /> in commandLink to <p:ajax> and use its oncomplete to call another js function which will hide desired commadLink. Might work –  Fallup Apr 12 '12 at 15:29
Thanks. You mean to say that p:fileUpload has an event named oncomplete. I am using PrimeFaces2.2 and i checked the documentation , there is no event in p:fileUpload named oncomplete. How can i check that when upload completes, the image has been changed? Thank you –  Basit Apr 13 '12 at 5:01
Ah, you didn't say you are using old 2.2 version. Mention the version next time if it's not the newest. Oncoplete attribute is available from ver 3.0-. What you can do is to switch to newer version - I strongly recommend this, lot of bugs got fixed and new cool things were added. If you can't afford switching you can maybe modify your FileUploadRenderer.java like this :check the 2. comment. Or try to find some another solution –  Fallup Apr 13 '12 at 8:55
OK thanks... I found the file fielUploadOnComplete.diff . But how can i use it in the project. I am using Netbeans. I have PF2.2 jar in my project's libraries folder? How can i use this file....? –  Basit Apr 13 '12 at 9:22
You can apply a diff patch on a project like this: Right click on your project in netbeans --> Versioning --> Apply diff patch. The thing is that you need to patch just primefaces, so I would make a backup (make a copy) of your project and try it after, because I don't know if something won't screw up. I've never done this. If it won't work, just manually replace or add the lines stated in the diff patch to primefaces clasess. Hope it helped ! –  Fallup Apr 13 '12 at 10:22

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