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I'm using the Superfish menu and the bgIFrame plugin. I have Silverlight objects on several pages. The menu is beneath the object, even though I've added the bgIFrame like in this example (it happens on IE9 and Chrome, I haven't checked the rest of the browsers). I know that you can set IsWindowless to true, but I don't want to do that for a number of reasons.

When I use the ASP.Net Menu control it does appear over the object, so I know it's possible. Is bfIFrame not using IFrame in the correct way to make this happen. Is there an alternative to bgIFrame?

EDIT: I cross posted this on the Github page.

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I was looking at the pull requests on GitHub and request #7 seems to fix the issue. For now I downloaded the forked version.

Edit: This issue was completed in February, 2013.

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