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This sounds like simple thing to do but I am having many issues with it.

By Hough transformation, I think I can get the ROI from the image. But because of our 3D world and my imperfect hand coordination, the ROI is skew, or has perspective projection - that is, it is not a real rectangle for further analysis.

Is there any way to resolve this problem?

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IF you provide an image example I could redirect you to interesting SO posts that deal with this. –  karlphillip Apr 13 '12 at 12:41

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You can use getPerspectiveTransform() and warpPerspective() to make it into a rectangle again.

//cornerpoints contains the Point2f corners you detected in the image in clockwise ordering from top left
int rectheight=480;
int rectwidth=640;
Point2f rectpoints[4];
Mat pt=getPerspectiveTransform(cornerpoints,rectpoints);
Mat rectangle(rectheight,rectwidth,CV_8U);
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That's exactly what I needed. Thanks so much! –  Tae-Sung Shin Apr 13 '12 at 14:37

Have you thought about using shape signature as proposed by Gonzalez in his book? It is easy and fast to calculate, if you have your shapes already segmented and labelled.

This paper may also help

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