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i'm a n00b programmer and need a lot of help.

Just for tutorial purpose, I want to make simple flora & fauna (plant & animal) encyclopedia

I want to make my home screen drag-able just like the Android's home screen. Swipe right to open Plant page and swipe left to open Animal page. I don't know how to make the transition effect. So we can drag it halfway to peek what's in next page and just drag back to cancel it

Can you guys share a link to make the drag-able screen?

Thanks before


@Agarwal I tried the code from your Link2 and it's not working

I try to test whether the gesture detected or not by putting Toast inside the inner class but the Toast isn't shown. The Link1 is basically the same though.

and from the looks of the code, I think it can't make my screen drag-able like in Android's home screen

my code:

public class Home extends Activity implements OnClickListener {
    private GestureDetector gestureDetector;
    View.OnTouchListener gestureListener;
    ImageButton flora, fauna;
    Intent go;

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


    gestureDetector = new GestureDetector(new SwipeGestureDetector());
    gestureListener = new View.OnTouchListener() {
        public boolean onTouch(View v, MotionEvent event) {
            return gestureDetector.onTouchEvent(event);

private void initialize() {
    //find view by id to image button
    //set onClickListener to image button

public void onClick(View v) {
    //normal switch and case for each button


private void onLeftSwipe() {
    Toast t = Toast.makeText(Home.this, "Left swipe", Toast.LENGTH_LONG);
    go = new Intent("test.apps.FLORA");

private void onRightSwipe() {
    Toast t = Toast.makeText(Home.this, "Right swipe", Toast.LENGTH_LONG);
    go = new Intent("test.apps.FAUNA");

private class SwipeGestureDetector extends SimpleOnGestureListener {
    private static final int SWIPE_MIN_DISTANCE = 50;
    private static final int SWIPE_MAX_OFF_PATH = 200;
    private static final int SWIPE_THRESHOLD_VELOCITY = 200;

    public boolean onFling(MotionEvent e1, MotionEvent e2, float velocityX,
            float velocityY) {
        try {
            Toast t = Toast.makeText(Home.this, "Gesture detected", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT);
            float diffAbs = Math.abs(e1.getY() - e2.getY());
            float diff = e1.getX() - e2.getX();

            if (diffAbs > SWIPE_MAX_OFF_PATH)
                return false;

            // Left swipe
            if (diff > SWIPE_MIN_DISTANCE
                    && Math.abs(velocityX) > SWIPE_THRESHOLD_VELOCITY) {
            // Right swipe
            else if (-diff > SWIPE_MIN_DISTANCE
                    && Math.abs(velocityX) > SWIPE_THRESHOLD_VELOCITY) {
        } catch (Exception e) {
            Log.e("Home", "Error on gestures");
        return false;

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Hey, quick question. Did you ever figure out why the link2 was not working? I am trying to get it to work as well. But am having no such luck right now. –  Andy Jul 31 '12 at 13:45
Yes, I found a good source code for this dragable screen, here's the link marcreichelt.blogspot.sg/2010/09/… –  DarcCode Jul 31 '12 at 23:46

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I realise this is an old question but for anyone else wondering why the above code does not work it is because he has not set the OnTouchListener to a View object. This is why his swipe "event" is not being picked up, because nothing is listening for it.

He could add this line to set swipes on his image button (though you would probably want a better View object then this):

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Thanks for bumping, found this via google. Trying to do something similar in my app. The more information the better. –  RED_ Oct 28 '12 at 21:08
I already found another alternative, but this answer would solve my question, Thanks. –  DarcCode Nov 29 '12 at 16:05

enter image description here

You should use ViewPager , please see the below links.



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Thanks for adding more alternative solution. This will be useful for others –  DarcCode Apr 20 '13 at 16:16

The below links are reference for swipe left/right.



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I tried the code from your Link2 and it's not working I try to test whether the gesture detected or not by putting Toast inside the inner class but the Toast isn't shown The Link1 is basically the same though .So any idea? –  DarcCode Apr 12 '12 at 15:37
@DarcCode the code from LINK2 seems to have been fixed in October. I just now tested it out and it works like a charm. –  aLearner Nov 28 '12 at 10:27
@aLearner It is actually better to use the new ViewPager. In latest SDK, when you create a new project, it will have an option for Navigation Template (only for Android 4.0+ app). Choose the Swipe+Tab and it is done –  DarcCode Nov 28 '12 at 14:37
@DarcCode Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I'm actually developing for Android 2.2 but I will definitely keep what you said in mind. –  aLearner Nov 28 '12 at 19:10

Use the Intent Function here for go to next activity on gesture listener

It will b

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