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I have a test procedure:

CREATE PROCEDURE bfmsp_testproc(@test CHAR(32) = NULL)
  IF @test IS NULL

  IF @test = 'BadReturnCode'
    RETURN 1

  /* Bad test, should probably do something */
  PRINT 'Invalid test code'

However, I cannot get the return code when I run it in Toad for Sybase.


bfmsp_testproc 'invalid'

bfmsp_testproc 'BadReturnCode'

There are no results sets (obviously). I see the PRINT output in the Messages tab of the results. However, I cannot find the return code anywhere in the output. The return code is available in my application code, so I know it is coming from Sybase OK.

Ideas? Is there a setting somewhere I am missing to show this? Or does Toad lack this feature?

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I'm assuming you're using Adaptive Server 12.5 or greater.

DECLARE @ret_val INT
EXECUTE @ret_val=bfmsp_testproc 'BadReturnCode'
SELECT @ret_val 
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