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Netscape fails to read a lot of jQuery written. What steps do you take to overcome these, and how much of the market do netscape users take up?

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Do you have any data which indicates that your site audience uses Netscape 7 & 8? If not, don't bother with those two. –  dalbaeb Jun 18 '09 at 13:25

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Steps I would take:

  1. Let it fail
  2. Wait for Netscape users to notice they are using a long dead browser with security holes in it

The market share for Netscape is as close to zero as makes no matter.

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Umm, 0%?

Having said that, I have to admit that jquery fails on a lot of sites while prototype works, in my ancient Konqueror 3.5.10, so maybe there's a pattern here.

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Although I grew up on Netscape ;-) ...its no longer maintained (R.I.P)

Thus as much as I'm all for the "support all browsers" mantra - supporting users of a now "dead" technology seems like a tall task.

IIRC, the jQuery support matrix is based on supporting the latest supported major version of a major browser (and 1 level previous). Netscape 7 and 8 are both excluded from this list.

I would suggest a simple "Please Upgrade" notice for the site... and since the users are on Netscape, Firefox would be a very compatible path to upgrade on since the concepts and layout are very similar (e.g. bookmarks, context menu options, etc.)

Thus providing a Download link for Firefox 3 would provide users a smooth guided path to upgrade.

Maybe just a simple iframe with this would work well.

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