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Can a relational database have JSON as a data-type? Or Does relational data need to have such a data type. I know it makes more sense to store such data in NoSQL like MongoDB or Redis. But suppose if have a small data to be stored as JSON and use it quickly within a relational database context.

Example : I want to store some configurations . In future those configuration's name:value pair might keep on increasing and i dont want to keep adding columns. I can store in text format with some separator or just like to use JSON and put it in as string in DB. ( thats why i was wondering if relational DB can itself have JSON type and I don't have to bother about parsing and storing) .

Some could also argue that my data-model is not 100% correct and thats why i am having such requirement , which can be true as well. But still i feel relational DB could have JSON type.

What's your thought?

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PostgreSQL now has a jsonb data type where you can store and query json.

Query json examples:

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if you want to do the thing which is explained in your example than XML store is better for you.

but if data is increasing day-by-day than nosql have performance issue if you have no proper platform for SQL databases.

so you need to go for Nosql for your requirement Document Store or Ket-Value Pair databases is better for you.

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