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I am currently designing a Database for a Project of mine. The target is to connect different kind of "Objects" like Web-links, text, pictures and files with each other. Using the following tables my first attempt ended as described below:

TABLE text
TABLE picture
TABLE file

so my first attempt was to connect each Table to the Table "Project" by using n:m relations. after that I had to create a Table which safes the connections between those objects, so I created a "relation" Table. But then the Problem appeared, that I am not able to connect each table (text,picture and file) to each other very efficiently.

Does anyone of you guys now how to do such a thing in a good way? Thanks for your help in advance! CyrillC

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N:M relation can be resolved using the following technique. Lets suppose there is an entity Student, you create a table named Student, an entity Teacher so a table Teacher is created. Lets suppose one teacher can teach many students and one student can be taught by many teachers. So, to resolve this so can introduce weak entity, lets suppose you create a table named TeacherStudent. The columns of TeacherStudent could be pkTeacherStudentId, fkTeacherId, fkStudentId.

The same approach could be applied in your case to resolve N:M relation.

Hope this help.

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not really, I already now how to create n:m relations. my problem is that I don't want to use three "weak entitys" like "textPicture","textFile" and "PictureFile". I am rather searching for a better solution, if there is any. Best would be to have one single "relation" entity.. –  CyrillC Apr 13 '12 at 6:19
I now changed it to one "object" Table which has a n:m relation to itself. The Entity has a media attribute which determines its content attribute. –  CyrillC Apr 13 '12 at 7:04

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