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i just created a win form app with a Gecko.GeckoWebBrowser on it when i navigate to a page with a anchor that has the href attribute set to javascript:print() and click on it, the print dialog is displayed, but it turns out that when i hit cancel button on that dialog the Gecko.GeckoWebBrowser is destroyed , i mean the control receives a WM_DETROY message any clue of what is could be happen here? how i can prevent it? i modified the gecko fx Gecko.GeckoWebBrowser windows procedure and catch and bypass that windows message but it seems that is not helping btw i am using xulrunner-11.0.en-US.win32 and geckofx-11.dll regards

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From looking at the firefox code, It looks like firefox is sending the WM_DESTROY message.

nsPrintingPromptService::ShowPrintDialog(nsIDOMWindow *parent, nsIWebBrowserPrint *webBrowserPrint, nsIPrintSettings *printSettings)

    HWND hWnd = GetHWNDForDOMWindow(parent);
    NS_ASSERTION(hWnd, "Couldn't get native window for PRint Dialog!");

    return NativeShowPrintDialog(hWnd, webBrowserPrint, printSettings);

nsresult NativeShowPrintDialog(HWND                aHWnd,
                               nsIWebBrowserPrint* aWebBrowserPrint,
                               nsIPrintSettings*   aPrintSettings)
  PrepareForPrintDialog(aWebBrowserPrint, aPrintSettings);

  nsresult rv = ShowNativePrintDialog(aHWnd, aPrintSettings);
  if (aHWnd) {

  return rv;

I'm not sure why it would do this.

Some options to fix this:

  • turn on "print.always_print_silent"
  • provide and register your own nsIPrintingPromptService
  • provide and register your own nsIWindowWatcher service.

The nsIWindowWatcher way looks like the proper way to do this looking at GetHWNDForDOMWindow:

nsPrintingPromptService::GetHWNDForDOMWindow(nsIDOMWindow *aWindow)
    nsCOMPtr<nsIWebBrowserChrome> chrome;
    HWND hWnd = NULL;

    // We might be embedded so check this path first
    if (mWatcher) {
        nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMWindow> fosterParent;
        if (!aWindow) 
        {   // it will be a dependent window. try to find a foster parent.
            aWindow = fosterParent;
        mWatcher->GetChromeForWindow(aWindow, getter_AddRefs(chrome));

    if (chrome) {
        nsCOMPtr<nsIEmbeddingSiteWindow> site(do_QueryInterface(chrome));
        if (site) 
            HWND w;
            site->GetSiteWindow(reinterpret_cast<void **>(&w));
            return w;
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