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Can you StretchRect from a DF24 into another DF24 (ATI specific)?

Can you StretchRect from a INTZ into another INTZ (nVidia specific)?

Can you create DF24 or INTZ as multisampled surfaces?

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It seems it cannot be multisampled:


i'm using RAWZ now i'v ran my app on laptop witch winXP and 8600go ... and all seems to be fine forceware version is that same for vista desktop and my laptop (differs by operating system ofcouse) strange ...

The other thing that warps my mind is that the solution works only witch nonmultisampled depth buffers witch suxx.

But, there is a huge problem -> MultiSampling does NOT work !

I need to turn off MultiSampling to bind the 'depthStencil_Surface' with my 'renderTarget'

If multisampling is not possible, I am not that much interested in StretchRect-ing it anyway. I wanted to use StretchRect to Resolve multisampled data.

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