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I am getting the error while compiling the following simple C++ class program .

Error : 'ptr_code' undeclared (first use this function)


using namespace std;

class company

  int code;
  int *ptr_code;

  company(int i)
          code=i ;
          ptr_code = &code; 


int main()
company c(10);
company *ptr_c = &c;
cout<<"\nCompany codes : \n"<<ptr_c->*ptr_code<<"\n"<<ptr_c->code<<"\n";
return 0;

Please help me out in the same while the variable ptr_code is declared as integer pointer with public scope specifier , while the ptr_c->code is working fine. Thanks in advance.

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ptr_c->*ptr_code should be *ptr_c->ptr_code. ptr_c->*ptr_code would be valid if ptr_code was a variable of type pointer to company data member.

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Change ptr_c->*ptr_code to *ptr_c->ptr_code





You are using a variable count in constructor company which is not part of the class, neither it's declared. So it's going to give you an error.

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oh sry... I forgot to remove the erroneous parts.. –  cbinder Apr 12 '12 at 15:25

use *ptr_c->ptr_code instead of ptr_c->*ptr_code look into operator precedence

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