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i am having problems with the detail view control in visual studio.

enter image description here

as you can see, it is a simple insert, but in the database there is a column name password salted hash which i plan to use to save the hash of the password, however, i want people to be able to here input the actual PASSWORD and than have it make a hash and save it.

please, tell me how? i presume it is possible, but am lost.

i tried all sorts of things, like converting a field to a template and figuring it out from there, but that got me nowhere - or at least i did not figure it out. also watched tutorials of detailsview control, but such example was not used. is there a way?


id' prefer the visual way, if it exists, simple because there are other similar instances where i'd need this, but if code is the only way, i'll take that as well - with code i am unsure how to influence the insert behaviour.

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Have a look at this link. This might give u the idea about how to pass parameters to the sqldata source.

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