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I know this question has been asked more then once and more then twice but most answeres i've found here haven't helped me at all.

Since i started to code i've used three selfmade different authentication implementations based on cookies. I've never took much stand against injection or hijacking but this time i am trying to incorporate that in both my user authentiaction and submitting forms.

Since there are thousands of user authentication scripts to choose from i want to ask what frameworks or scripts you would recommend i use? I've tried a few but no one has really done the job? I'm not useing any php framework like Zend, Codeigniter or similar.

I plan on using SSL as well but on some sites my cms will be used on will not have SSL.

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"I'm not useing any php framework". But do you consider the possibility of using one? – noisebleed Apr 12 '12 at 16:33
@noisebleed I've of cause thought about it and i might in the future implement a framework. At this time though i want to extend my own. – dansige Apr 12 '12 at 17:23

Try this one:

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Symfony2 provides a security component that is available as a standalone PHP library.

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